Balancing Good/Bad Bacteria Levels in the Stomach

Some of the protein that is not sufficiently broken down in the stomach provides food for the bad bacteria.  Hence, candida, etc develops quickly and overwhelms the good bacteria.  We can address and balance the levels of stomach acid, but then we need to balance the good bacteria versus bad bacteria levels.  We do this by supplementing with probiotics, etc.

Probiotics (for Restoring Proper Bacterial Balance)

The gut is lined with good bacteria that keep the intestinal lining tightly locked.  When the good bacteria are depleted or stomach acid levels are imbalanced tiny holes can permeate this lining. (Leaky Gut syndrome).  Restoring the proper balance of good and bad bacteria will help treat this condition.

Probiotics are healthy, beneficial bacteria that can restore proper intestinal balance.  They are also very beneficial in supporting calcium uptake and helping to build bone density.  In fact, without a healthy probiotic colony in the gut, calcium can pass right through undigested.  Or, even worse, excess calcium turns into unhealthy deposits in soft tissue and arteries.  The best probiotics as supplements are usually refrigerated and contain the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species of bacteria.  When selecting a probiotic, try to choose one that contains both of these species.


When the levels of bad bacteria overwhelm the levels of good bacteria, Candida becomes a significant problem.

Extracts from "Coconut Cures" by Bruce Fife, available from

"Candida Infections (Candidiasis)

Avoid taking antibiotics if possible. Eliminate sugar and sweets of all types. Limit fruit intake. Sweeten foods using stevia. Eliminate all refined carbohydrates: white bread, white rice, etc. Consume a maintenance or therapeutic dose of coconut oil as described on pages 168 and 169. Eat a high fibre diet consisting of coconut meat, whole grains, beans, and fresh vegetables. Fibre is essential because it is converted into substances that help kill candida in the bowel. Eat yogurt or kefir daily. Take 1000 mg of vitamin C plus grapefruit seed extract and thymus extract as per bottle directions until symptoms improve."

"Get 20 to 30 minutes of direct sunlight each day. Start a regular exercise program. If a vaginal infection is also present, see Yeast Infection.          Systemic yeast infections can be difficult to treat. The most powerful method for attacking this problem is the Coconut Oil Detox (page 195). You may need to do several 3 day cleanses or at least one 7 day cleanse to get permanent result."

"P.48. I started using coconut oil and within a couple of weeks it enabled me to finally rid my body of candidiasis and alleviated my hypoglycaemia symptoms. It also made my sugar cravings disappear enabling me to continue to be without the overgrowth of yeast in my body. I feel better than I have all my life.     Ramesh"

P. 195-8. "Coconut Oil Detox. This is a powerful cleaning program and is ideal for correcting all types of digestive problems. This cleanse aids the body in rebalancing  the environment within the intestines and healing damaged tissues. Systemic candida infections (candidiasis), inflammatory bowel diseases, leaky gut syndrome, and other conditions involving the digestive system are notoriously difficult to treat using conventional and even alternative approaches. Treatments last for months and may not be completely successful despite strict adherence to the various programs."

Coconut Oil Detox

Extracts from "Coconut Cures" by Bruce Fife, available from

"The Coconut Oil Detox is the most effective method I have seen to rebalance the digestive system and get it functioning again. It is far superior to a simple water fast or even a juice fast. Juice fasts, including the Coconut Water Fast, have one major drawback: they contain a lot of sugar. If you are trying to fight a systemic candida infection or on overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria, you don't want to keep feeding these microbes sugar, which they thrive on. Many people have gone on juice fasts hoping to overcome candida infections and improve intestinal function to find only minor relief. The sugar in most juices, even vegetable juices, keep feeding unfriendly microbes. The Coconut Oil Detox provides no sugar for these troublemakers to eat. So you essentially starve them to death. Coupled with coconut oil's germ-killing properties, the environment in the intestinal tract becomes extremely inhospitable to microscopic troublemakers. How wold you feel being locked in a cage without food and with only hungry tigers to keep you company? These unfriendly microbes naturally die off, leaving room for the good guys to repopulate and regain control of their natural habitat."

"While on this fasting program don't be surprised if you expel from your bowels some awful looking stuff. Your body is cleansing all types of noxious debris. I have seen broken masses of fungus (candida rhizoids) that together would equal the size of a man's fist expelled during a fast. So don't be shocked at what you might find."


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