Coming Soon-Doctors Don't Know Thyroid


Coming Soon-Doctors Don't Know Thyroid


This book is expected to be released late 2018, providing history, and a full description of the

Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol

incorporating the Analysis, Detox, Dietary, Stomach Acid, Iodine and Adrenal portions, together with critical information regarding

“What Is Happening At The Cell”

Not yet available for purchase.

"The Challenge is to find a doctor who understands any of this"
Dr. Jerry Tennant, "Healing is Voltage"

This soon-to-be-released digital book “Doctors Don’t Know Thyroid” will provide understanding of many issues relating to thyroid dysfunction, focusing on an under-active thyroid gland, and will include the “Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol”, which explores multiple factors in diagnosing an under-active thyroid gland in the comfort of your own home. It also provides unusual insights that remain largely unknown or ignored by a great number of medical professionals.

The digital books are written in normal language, uncluttered by the typical medical terminology that often leads to confusion to those without medical education and training.

Ultimately the “Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol” is designed to get your own thyroid generating thyroid hormone, rather than simply supplementing inactive synthetic T4 thyroid hormone.

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