Diabetes Dogma

The following is the medical industries dogma. (from Diabetes Australia website)

Living with Diabetes

“While there is currently no cure for diabetes, you can live an enjoyable life by learning about the condition and effectively managing it.”

I had read so many books about thyroid dysfunction, and when re-reading one of those books I was struck by the mention of diabetes. Dr. Broda Barnes is considered by many as "the Father of Thyroidism". This is what he wrote in 1976:

“Evidence suggests that the complications of diabetes, including atherosclerosis, are not due to diabetes, but to something else - possibly hypothyroidism.”

Read that statement again...

The complications of diabetes are possibly due to hypothyroidism!!

When I read that statement I started reviewing other books, and discovered a few truths about the connection between Diabetes and Thyroid Dysfunction. And I also discovered many other interesting facts about Diabetes.

The Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol includes many of these insights.

The following are just some of the insights discovered concerning the connection between Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.

Read what some authors have written

Dr. Broda Barnes

1954 - Report in The Medical Journal of the Michigan Medical Society

  • “…another significant study was overlooked. In 1954, Dr. C.D. Eaton, a Detroit physician, published a report in The Medical Journal of the Michigan Medical Society entitled “Co-existence of Hypothyroidism with Diabetes Mellitus." In it he told of experience with hundreds of diabetic patients. First of all, he pointed out what is well known but neglected. Symptoms in both diseases are quite similar with the exception of the disturbance in carbohydrate metabolism that occurs in diabetes.” 

  • Thyroid therapy prevented complications in Dr. Eaton’s diabetic patients twenty years ago and has been preventing the same complications in my patients, diabetic and nondiabetic, for twenty-four years.”

1971 Review - Department of Medicine of the University in South Africa

  • “In 1971, Dr. W.P.U. Jackson of the Department of Medicine of the University of Capetown in South Africa published an extensive review of prediabetes. He listed various categories of people in whom prediabetes might be suspected. If he had been selecting people likely to be suffering from hypothyroidism, he could not have done a better job.”

  • I argue emphatically that since so many of the symptoms and complications of hypothyroidism are identical to those of diabetes, every patient with diabetes should have a basal temperature check and, if the temperature is subnormal, a trial of thyroid therapy.”

  • “The somewhat erratic digestion and absorption of food in the hypothyroid patient is one factor. Another is sluggishness of the liver which may occur when thyroid function is low, with the result that stored glucose in the liver is not released properly as blood sugar begins to fall.”


If you are Diabetic:

  • Use the Basal Temperature Check

  • Cleanse your liver

  • Repair your arteries by taking vitamin C

  • Use a trial of thyroid hormone.

Dr. Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield

"Obesity, weakness and fatigue, constipation, muscle aches and pains, frequent infections, pruritus (itching), slow wound healing, high cholesterol and large babies.

These are symptoms of diabetes, but you will also have noted all are common to hypothyroidism as well.

The fact is, apart from the high blood sugar and sugar in the urine, there is a remarkable overlap in the symptoms of diabetes and hypothyroidism."

"The conclusions we can now draw are that:

1. If you have diabetes, especially the late-onset variety, you are certain to benefit from thyroid support.

2. If you have hypothyroidism and don’t treat it, you are more likely to develop the NIDD [Type 2 Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes] kind of diabetes, sooner that you otherwise would have done.

3. So, any patient with either diabetes or hypothyroidism may well find themselves troubled with both. Care must be taken to check out thyroid status if you have diabetes, and if your thyroid is down, proper investigations must be made for diabetes and special attention must be paid to diet and weight.”


If you are Diabetic:

  • use thyroid therapy.

Dr. David Brownstein

"In nearly all Diabetics, I have found that Adrenal and Thyroid hormones are imbalanced."

"I have treated many diabetic patients with bioidentical, natural hormones and have seen positive benefits on their ability to lose weight and optimise blood sugar when the hormonal system is properly balanced.”

"Approximately 40%of the population may have an undiagnosed, abnormal thyroid problem. Correcting a thyroid problem with the use of a holistic approach has proven to be successful at helping diabetic patients overcome their illness.”


If you have Diabetes:

  • Balance your Adrenals

  • Test your Thyroid.

These are just a few comments from nearly a dozen Thyroid books reviewed that are included in "one of the companion books “Doctors Don’t Know Diabetes” which anyone diagnosed with Diabetes should read.

The Vitamin C connection to Diabetes is also revealed in that book.