Introducing Keith, Passionate Researcher, and

Thyroid Expert

Keith Nixon is a long-time health activist and researcher.  He is a thyroid expert, having researched thyroid metabolism for the past five years, and more recently, Diabetes.

Keith was born in Australia, where he currently resides with his wife of over 30 years. They have two children and one grandson.

This website is the result of Keith’s passion for researching natural, effective, and inexpensive health solutions to the ever-increasing health challenges and toxic assaults in our "Western" society.

Keith’s health research covers more than the past fifteen years and he has accumulated more than 3,000 documents relating to the thyroid gland, diabetes, related organs and systems, and general health challenges in the human body. He can confidently state that he knows more about thyroid than 99% of doctors and endocrinologists around the world.

Additionally, Keith has been contributing to a worldwide health group for over five years and has received many significant (and unsolicited) comments from members around the world. Some of these comments can be viewed by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Keith has a strong Christian worldview supporting his belief that the human body was perfectly designed, with everything operating as a uniform connected structure.  However, we often ignore that perfect design, mismanage our body, and wonder we have such disastrous outcomes.

Keith has been blessed with a clear, logical mind, with a distinctive ability to evaluate studies that may have contrasting, divergent views and to bring a sense of logical consistency to the explanations provided.  In addition, he has an ability to decipher and transform complicated medical terminology into words or expressions that a person with no medical training can readily understand.

Why Thyroid?

Many years ago a friend asked Keith about thyroid issues, as his wife was suffering from thyroid dysfunction. At that time Keith knew little about thyroid and offered to do some research. And the more he learned, the more he realised that a huge proportion of the population was suffering from the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction that were either not diagnosed at all, or had been correctly diagnosed.

Keith’s research revealed that, as early as 1976, Dr. Broda Barnes, considered by many as "the Father of Thyroid", had written that 40% of the population was suffering from an under-active thyroid but were not being diagnosed as having a dysfunctional thyroid gland. Today, some doctors suggest that the percentage is much higher, (Dr Jerry Tennant suggests that it could be as high as 90%), with patients complaining of symptoms of extreme fatigue, weight gain, cold hands and feet, constipation, hair falling out, dry, cracked skin, menstrual complications, etc. And doctors simply tell them:

"It's All In Your Head"

Keith’s passion is to provide a complete understanding of this major health challenge to as many sufferers as he can, in a language that most people with no have no medical training can understand.

Why Diabetes?

Many years before Keith started his research on the Thyroid Gland, he read a 1972 book by Irwin Stone “The Healing Factor” discussing multiple aspects of vitamin C. He did not at that time realise the significance of what was written in the chapter entitled “Diabetes and Hypoglycemia” regarding the strong connection between vitamin C and diabetes. Nor did he when he more recently read “Stop America’s #1 Killer” by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, one of America’s top heart specialists. That book also devoted a chapter to discussing diabetes, “Diabetes and Vitamin C Deficiency”.

It was only when he reread Irwin Stone’s 1972 book that the astounding connection between the two suddenly broke into Keith’s consciousness. And was the reason for him registering the website name

Why Adrenals?

Keith’s thyroid research quickly revealed the intimate relationship between the Thyroid gland and the Adrenal glands. And his research of the Adrenal glands revealed the very close connection of the Adrenal glands and the Liver, and the connection between the Liver and the Stomach. Furthermore, the Adrenal glands contain the largest amount of vitamin C than any human organ.

Why Gallstones?

A couple of years ago Keith’s daughter said that her doctor had diagnosed her with having gallstones saying that there was no other option except to have her gallbladder surgically removed. From Keith’s earlier readings he knew that there were other options. He found the references, and passed them on to his daughter, and both her husband and he decided to support their wife/daughter by also undertaking the same liver flush protocol. (It is called the Liver flush because you will have three times as many gallstones in your liver as you may have in your gallbladder). So removing your gallbladder will only add to your health challenges, including the need to supplement with bile acids in order to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K. 

The results of the liver flushes were amazing. Neither Keith , nor his son-in-law had any previous symptoms of gallstones, but take a look at the results by clicking on the link below. Later, Keith’s friend and his wife undertook the same protocol, and their results are also shown in the picture gallery.

Notice the results of Keith’s daughter’s three flushes. You can easily see that her third flush resulted in very few gallstones indeed, and her symptoms have not returned in well over four years.

Subsequently, Keith’s research into thyroid dysfunction has revealed that the liver has a very specific role to play in proper thyroid function, and in proper adrenal function.

Keith’s Books 

As a passionate health researcher Keith has accumulated thyroid information from many books published over the past 50 years or more relating not only to thyroid dysfunction but to multiple health challenges. As a simple example, Pfleger and Acholl noted in 1937 that:

vitamin C so improved the action of insulin that a diabetic could control his sugar tolerance with a lower level of insulin”.

How many diabetics have been told this by their medical practitioners?

Regarding Thyroid dysfunction, Keith has yet to find a book that covers all of the ground. So he has simply gathered the published information, established common themes, assembled it into a logical sequence, and stripped out as much medical terminology as necessary to provide simplified but medically correct explanations.

The results of his research have been structured into a digital book setting out his …

Nixon Seven-Step Thyroid Protocol

for determining largely in the comfort of your own home your likely thyroid status, together with suggestions that you may like to consider in consultation with your regular medical practitioner. He has also developed a series of “Guidance Steps” to assist people who have been suffering for many years.

His Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol is also valuable for those who have a fully functional thyroid gland, especially information on detoxing and diet, and iodine, adrenal function, and stomach acid.

In acknowledgment of the fact that most sufferers want to “skip to the chase” of what they need to do, Keith has prepared a shorter “Summary” thyroid book, and a range of “Guidance Steps” that many sufferers can begin implementing in a more immediate way. It should be said, however, that health problems that have existed for maybe twenty years cannot be corrected “overnight”, but with consistent application of good principles, can be improved in most people.

When you have finished reading Keith’s digital books you will be in a position of knowing far more about thyroid function than 99% of doctors, endocrinologists, and other professional medical people.

Keith has plans to produce a traditional printed version of his thyroid book in 2019 and you are encouraged to leave your contact details for notification of this event in due course.

Keith’s Blogs

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