There is no doubt that mercury is extremely toxic, and so-called "silver" fillings comprise 50% pure mercury, combined with copper, tin, silver, and zinc. Research clearly shows that mercury vapour is released consistently into the mouth, where mucous membranes absorb the mercury and the bloodstream transports it directly to the brain. In fact, autopsies have revealed that the amount of mercury in the brain is directly proportional to the number of mercury fillings in the mouth.

DDr. Hal Huggins, in "It's All In Your Head"wrote about how Dr. Olympio Pinto, C.D. described how his dentist father removed amalgam during the 1920's and saw patients suffering from leukemia and neurological diseases improve. Dr. Hal Huggins began investigating, and found patients with incurable diseases improving.

And, as for the toxicity of the other materials combined in the amalgam, Dr. Huggins reports:

  • 95.29 percent were reactive to copper

  • 94.04 percent were reactive to zinc

  • 90.2 percent were reactive to mercury

  • 66.86 percent were reactive to silver

  • 62.51 percent were reactive to tin

Mercury kills cells by interfering with their ability to exchange oxygen, nutrients, and waste products through the cell membrane. Another key factor is the role of the lymphatic system in removing these waste products and water (including blood protein) from the spaces surrounding the cells (intracellular spaces).

And bear in mind that, according to Dr. Hal Huggins:

"there are two definite ways that mercury comes out of fillings:

through electrical current and mercury vapour."

Toxic Mercury Fillings

It is only your immune system that is keeping your health balanced, but it only takes a stressful event to lower your immune response and then you can show multiple symptoms of deteriorating health, with no apparent cause.

At the very basic level, mercury has been shown to impact your health in these ways:

  • Neurologoical - Motor (tremors)

  • Neurological - Sensory (brain fog, depression)

  • Heart attacks (unexplained chest pain, unexplained tachycardia)

  • Immunological (auto-immune diseases such as MS, Lou Gehrig's, lupus, diabetes, arthritis, etc.)

  • Miscellaneous (frequent urination, chronic fatigue, bloated feeling, constipation, tinnitus, metallic taste, headaches after eating, allergies, etc)

And it takes only a few atoms of mercury to create a birth defect.

Every time we drink a hot drink, or chew some food, the amount of mercury released into the mouth increases. jaro Pleva, Ph,D, found that a filling can leach out nearly 50% of its mercury content in five years. And mercury is a cumulative poison.

Toxicity Symptoms

Mercury and Thyroid Hormones

Dr. Hal Huggins writes:

"Mercury can become attached to hormones and deactivate them, even though blood tests say that plenty of hormone is present. Many hormonal deficiencies, including thyroid, pancreas, and the sex hormones, are the result of this process."

"An abnormally low cholesterol level can lead to the production of less thyroid hormone, estrogen, testosterone, and probably other potential hormonal disturbances."

"Mercury-toxic patients frequently have a low body temperature because chances are there is mercury blocking the thyroid hormone."


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