Starting to Recover

The issue of recovery of your health profile is a combination of factors that may be impacting your thyroid metabolism and insulin production, your adrenal gland hormones, your stomach acid, the cleanliness of your liver, and many other organs and systems. The Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol has been developed with a view to identifying thyroid dysfunction and contributing factors, then detoxing, then modifying some ingrained habits to achieve properly functioning body.

This Diabetes study reinforces much of what is discussed elsewhere and introduces other factors.

It is not One Thing, it is Everything!

First Things First

First of all, reflect on your current health condition and write down everything that comes to mind. These are possible topics to consider:

  • Current symptoms – start at the top of your head and work your way down. For instance, dry skin on head, hair greasy, hair falling out, tinnitus, no strength in arms, deep veins on hands, brittle fingernails, pain, fat belly, etc.

  • Stress events – situation, date, people impacted. For instance, Married on 8th October 2003. Couldn’t afford the reception, had to use credit card, or maybe… Car accident on Sunday, 24th May 2014. Headaches and stiff neck for three weeks afterwards.

  • Family health history. For instance, second cousin suffers from low thyroid. Or mother is always complaining of cold hands and feet, even in summer.

  • Diet and supplements - including salt (what type), spices, sauces, etc. Review ingredient labels.

  • Medical treatments and drugs  – date, quantities, regularity, doctor prescribing, internet, etc

Don’t discount anything at this stage, just write it down without attempting to analyse or order it. Then read the “Guidance Sets” for more things to consider.

Guidance SetS

Fourteen “Guidance Sets” have been developed as part of the Nixon Seven Step Thyroid Protocol and one Guidance Set has been developed from the review of diabetes in the book “Doctors Don’t Know Diabetes”.

This Guidance Set 15. incorporates many “Takeouts” identified in that book, and is an excellent start to better health generally. You are encouraged to review and implement this one, and other Guidance Sets.

Typical factors considered are:

  • Test your basal body temperature. This will give a good evaluation of your thyroid status. (Never rely on the typical blood tests provided by medical practitioners and endocrinologists. i.e. TSH, T4, T3) (Takeout 1.)

  • Remove mercury fillings. (A significant and positive action, but may be impacted by your financial position).

  • Restructure your diet. (May be difficult, in light of so much conflicting advice freely offered by well-meaning friends, etc.) - Ignore the ADA diet.

  • Implement vitamin/mineral supplementation (Takeout 19.)

These are just a few suggestions. More than fifty suggestions have been documented, and may be implemented progressively, and predominantly at home. Your personal circumstances and financial constraints may impact your progress but NEVER GIVE UP. And whatever you may do,

Do Something!

We wish you every success!

Disclaimer: Nothing in this study  can account for any personal or dietary uniqueness. These suggestions, arising from this study, are simply the result of detailed research, and should not be construed as medical advice.