Thank you for deciding that "Enough is Enough"

Ultimately, your health is in your own hands, and some steps to improving your health can be taken in a simple, natural, inexpensive, and effective way.

There are key actions that you can take now, and you have already done the first one, which is deciding to find out for yourself what it is all about, without relying on a medical practitioner who doesn't have the time to research the issues of Diabetes, or an under-active Thyroid gland, or a positive approach to Heart Disease, etc.

Action Points:

  1. Determine that nothing is going to stop you experiencing good health!

  2. Explore this website in full.

  3. Visit the Bookstore for appropriate reading material. (“Doctors Don’t Know DIabetes”, or “Doctors Don’t Know Thyroid - Summary”, plus “Guidance Sets” to help you in your journey back to good health).

  4. Consider your current health profile. Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Thyroid Dysfunction? Gallstones? Heart Issues?

  5. Read the Guidance Sets, and commence documenting your journey back to good health. Use the Guidance Sets to prompt you on existing and prior health factors.

  6. Decide the first things to implement, whether a detox action, or a change in diet, environment, personal factors, etc.

  7. Measure your BASAL BODY TEMPERATURE in bed before you get up - three mornings in a row - write the temperatures down and determine the average. It should be between 97.8 F. and 98.2 F. (36.6 C. and 36.8 C.).
    >> A temperature below 97.8 F. (36.6 C.) is an indication that you have an under-active thyroid gland.
    >> A temperature above 98.2 F. (36.8 C.) is an indication that you have an over-active thyroid gland.

  8. Buy supplements of vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and magnesium. (the minimum supplements suggested by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, America’s leading heart specialist).

  9. Buy Lugol’s iodine, and selenium. (most people are deficient - refer best-selling author Lynne Farrow’s “The Iodine Crisis”).

  10. Contact us, or register for regular Blog Posts on multiple health topics. (Thyroid, diabetes, heart, and many other health topics). 

  11. Consider the next item that you can implement.


  13. ADVISE ALL YOUR LOVED ONES AND FRIENDS ABOUT THIS WEBSITE. (Who do you know who may be struggling to understand why their doctor doesn't seem to have answers to their health concerns? - whether it is diabetes, or thyroid, or adrenals, or heart disease, or cholesterol, or gallstones, or heartburn, ???)

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Dr. Jerry Tennant comments, in "Healing is Voltage":

Your Biggest Challenge is Finding a Doctor

That Understands Any of This!