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Keith has had a driving passion for researching general health issues for over fifteen years, and has come to the realisation that there are multitudes of sufferers who are being treated abysmally by the medical profession. If you have any doubt, do a Google search (Thyroid “It’s all in your head”) including the quotation marks.

Keith has been providing the benefits of his research to others across the globe - one such group having over 13,000 members worldwide and he is constantly encouraged by unsolicited tributes from ordinary citizens from around the world.. Typical examples are :-

April, 2015

> If only doctors had the wisdom and thorough understanding of Keith Nixon.  His postings may be long but he covers all that you need to know

> Jackie - Keith Nixon you are great.  That section on fibro was awesome!

> Brooke - A wealth of knowledge!!!  Thank you so much Keith Nixon!!!

> Kate - I like your posts Keith.  You obviously have done an amazing amount of research  I love his work on candida and fungus

> Jenny - Thank you Keith Nixon you give beyond giving what a kind person you are and you also do so without EGO which is from your heart this is even more special xoxoxo


June, 2015

> Helen - Keith you still astound :)

> Jade - Told you he's the master!!!

> Catherine - Keith you're amazing.  I salute you sir

April, 2016 / May 2016

> Pat - A recently diagnosed type 2, i have learnt more tonight from you Keith Nixon rhan i did from 1 nurse, 5 doctors (who couldnt make up their minds wether i was or not) and a days course on dealing with diabetis. Thank you.

> From Jack - Thank you Keith. mate, you just have no idea how useful this is.  My wife and I are in a process of getting into the thyroid function to regulate methabolism and are just trying to figure this out.  It is so extraordinary, but your research sintesized here like this ... it is just brillant.  Great that you are with us.


April, 2017

> From Jon:- Kerry  I can vouch for Keith.  He knows more about this than any Endo I know.


August, 2017

> From Pip: Inspiring as always Keith.  Thankyou for sharing this with us.


November, 2017

> From Nat - Keith, you are an inspiration.  I am juggling my three bereaved children, a big old house and a tiny weeny little practice with an apothecary.  I need to keep going to try to help my clients and my boys.  Your posts are wonderful, informative and so helpful.  Thank you X.

December, 2017

> From Vera - Hi Keith, thanks very much.  It's great to be able to connect with people who actually know and understand thyroid related issues.  It seems to me that a good majority of doctors just aren't able to help with this issue. I will definately check out your website, thanks again

January, February, 2018

> From Rachael - Keith Nixon your thyroid info is excellent.

> From  Chris – Can someone tag Keith Nixon for detailed advice re the thyroid?  He’s the best I know. – You may possibly be able to find his previous comments just by searching.  He’s done incredible research and is very generous with his knowledge.

> From Belsie – Wow Keith thank you can always rely on you and your wonderful wealth of knowledge for help or ideas. J


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Unsolicited Comments

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